Travel to Europe and save  on your weekly car rental at Dollar  Rent A Car

Travel to Europe and save on your weekly car rental at Dollar Rent A Car

A quick and easy way to make a reservation. First enter your destination, and the dates you wish to rent car for. Now you are ready to get your rates.

Find a car rental within your budget and needs. Pick from a wide range of  car types and  brands to drive in Europe.


Find the best car rental deals in Germany, France and the Netherlands with a click of a button.


Reserve pick up at Aachen, Germany. Bordering Belgium and the Netherlands it has plenty to explore. Go for a drive in your Dollar Rent A Car rental car, stop at Aachen Cathedral and  learn about  its  history dating  back to 1st century A.D. Go back to driving, stop at Markt, enjoy its lively atmosphere, sip on  a cocktail and some shopping. Take a walk to  old town and checkout  historic Puppenbrunnen fountain. Start your Rent A Car rental car and drive to Hanswurst and savor delicious German food.



Reserve pick up at Berlin, Germany.  Get ready to drive your Dollar Rent A Car rental car to  Reichstag Building and see Berlin’s most famous buildings and landmarks. Learn about the history behind the Berlin Wall at Memorial of the Berlin Wall. Check your Dollar Rent A Car rental car’s condition, now head to  The Holocaust Memorial – Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe for a surreal and moving experience.

Having second thoughts about about your Germany car rental reservation and want visit  France instead? No worries, visit Dollar Rent A Car’s site, access  your current reservation to modify or cancel.


Reserve to pick your car rental at Aix-En-Provence, France. Drive your Dollar Rent A Car rental car to Montagne Sainte Victoire, experience nature at its best  and enjoy colorful views. Take a walk around  Vieil Aix’s narrow  streets and see great medieval architecture. Go for a must-see tour of holocaust detention camp at Site Memorial du Camp des Milles. Experience beautiful and diverse art pieces at Chateau La Coste en Provence. Drive your Dollar Rent A Car rental car to Cathedrale St. Sauveur, enjoy  its impressive  architecture, beautiful organ and  stained glass.

Maybe France doesn’t convince you… how about Netherlands? So, you’ve tried changing location online  but weren’t worries contact Dollar Rent A Car customer service to get assistance.


Reserve to pick your car at Almere, Netherlands. Go for a drive in your Dollar Rent A Car rental car to Oostvaardersplassen, feel close to nature and see birds and horses. Don’t get bored, go for a great shopping experience and enjoy a movie at City Mall Almere. Drive to Stichting Aap, see rescued monkeys and learn how you can support. Get ready to relax  and de-stress. Stop at  Thermen La Mer and go  on a sauna or get a body treatment.

Simplify your traveling in Europe and rent a car from Dollar Rent A Car at a low weekly  rate.

5 Essential Oils For Allergy Relief

5 Essential Oils For Allergy Relief

Organic essential oils have a myriad of uses for a variety of health conditions. People are using them to help manage anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, headaches, etc. Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of using organic essential oils for allergy relief.


What causes allergies?


Allergies are caused by foreign substances in the environment (and yes, sometimes this can include the organic essential oils themselves). Once your body comes into contact with an allergen, your body reacts with hypersensitivity in a variety of ways like hives, itchy and watery eyes, breathing difficulties and even possible anaphylaxis. An allergen can be a variety of things – environmental (like pet fur and dander), seasonal (pollens) or food (peanut).


How can organic essential oils help my allergies?


There are a few main ways that organic essential oils can help you with your allergies. First off, they help with the pain often associated with many allergies reactions (mostly headaches and sinus pressure). They also help with the inflammation that comes with allergens being introduced to your system. With frequent use, they can actually help boost your immune system so that you are less likely to have allergic reactions. So, instead of having to treat your symptoms, you can make sure they don’t happen in the first place! You can also try spraying them around the house to help block the allergens from getting in. See more :


What are the best organic essential oils for allergies?


The best organic essential oils for allergies are peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and lemon oil. Lemon oil works to help support both the immune and lymphatic systems. It also helps detoxify your body and is best used around the home as an environmental spray instead of directly on your body. Tea tree oil is also known as one of the best all around essential oil because it is so multi use! You can use it both around the house and diluted on your body to help treat hives and rashes related to allergic reactions. Lavender, on the flip side, is known for its antihistamine properties. It can be used similarly to tea tree oil as a topical treatment option as well as on the skin around your sinuses to help with the pain and pressure related to the sinus portion of the allergic reactions.  Eucalyptus oil is best for respiratory symptoms, like coughing. It also can help clear up your sinuses which relieves sinus pressure, especially if placed into a bowl of boiling water that you can lean over and inhale. Finally, there is peppermint oil. It works as an expectorant (helps you cough that junk out of your lungs), helps clear up your sinuses, and helps with sore throats. Try it the same way eucalyptus oil works or in a cup of warm tea.


There are many organic essential oils out there to help relieve allergies. As anyone with allergies knows, not all allergic reactions are created equal. Try an organic essential oil that has been proven to work well with your specific symptoms.

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